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I have been in the business 35 years. Working with Elements Consulting was the single best thing I have done. The personalized coaching approach helped me improve and grow my practice more than any other firm provided training or education program.

35 Year, Managing Director

“Working with Marc and Elements has created a significant lift in our business (+100% in last 3 years) as Marc has guided us to understanding the importance of working ON the business not just IN the business.  While this growth and revenue lift is rewarding as business owners, the perspective and process that Marc has provided in how we approach conversations and engage with our clients around their particular situation and personal goals they are trying achieve has been I think instrumental to our success as it resonates with clients and the proof for us of course,  comes from the steady stream of introductions we are now getting from our best clients.”

30 Year, Senior Financial Advisor

"I would describe my work with Elements as pivotal to my practice. Before I met Marc I was moving forward, but without any true sense of purpose or direction. What I was doing was working for me, but it was not personally fulfilling or, to be frank, as impactful as it could have been for my clients. He challenged me to take a fresh look at my approach, and challenge myself both personally and professionally. As a result his counsel transcends the typical definition of “coach”. He’s more of a mentor and friend, with a vested interest in my personal success. Money well spent."

28 Year, Wealth Advisor

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