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Cecilia Hajredinaj

Managing Director, Consultant

Cecilia Hajredinaj (Rodriguez Gallardo) is a passionate Latina Leadership Coach on a mission to empower women and ethnically diverse professionals to overcome barriers to success, unlock their full potential, and lead with purpose. 

As the Founder of Thrive & Lead by Design, Cecilia offers personalized coaching across a broad spectrum of leadership development areas, from personal growth and communication to career planning & advancement. With over two decades of corporate leadership experience and more than a decade of coaching professionals, Cecilia brings a wealth of practical knowledge and strategic insight to every coaching engagement. She approaches each interaction with curiosity, compassion & a solutions-driven framework, working to shift her clients' mindsets and drive tangible progress. 

Drawing from her roots as an immigrant from Honduras and having spent 25 years in various leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies like Citigroup, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Morgan Stanley, Cecilia understands the vital role diverse perspectives play in organizational success and the barriers that impede progress. Certified by the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches and proficient in insights tools like DISC & Motivators, Cecilia offers transformative coaching, equipping her clients with tools and strategies to thrive & lead in their careers.  Cecilia's influence extends beyond coaching through her engaging blog posts and social media presence, inviting others to join her community. Follow her on LinkedIn and Instagram or explore her content on


Based in Eastchester, NY, Cecilia cherishes family time with her husband, daughter, and beloved poodle-bichon. In her free time, she enjoys reading, gym classes, soccer, movies, and traveling to visit extended family or explore new destinations. Join Cecilia as she inspires others to be fearless!

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