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William J Luthin CRPC®, RCC™

Managing Director, Consultant

Bill is a seasoned financial consultant with over 18 years of experience in wealth management. His career journey began at Merrill Lynch in 2006 and has since evolved through various roles in sales, management, and consultancy. Each step of the way, Bill has cultivated a comprehensive understanding of the complex financial landscape. But what truly drives him is his commitment to empowering business owners, helping them achieve their goals, and safeguarding their entrepreneurial ventures. 


In his most recent role as a Modern Engagement Coach at Morgan Stanley, Bill stood out as a force for change. He collaborated closely with financial advisors and teams, helping them modernize their business practices, build solid foundations, and promote sustainable growth. His innovative strategies and unwavering support were instrumental in transforming business approaches, enabling his clients to thrive. 

Bill embraces a distinctive approach in his professional engagements, positioning himself not merely as a consultant but as a collaborative partner. He actively engages clients in every stage of business planning, fostering a deep sense of co-ownership in the strategies formulated. By prioritizing this collaborative ethos, he cultivates trust and lays the foundation for enduring, fruitful relationships with his clients. 


Bill holds a bachelor's degree in mass communications from SUNY Oneonta and is certified as a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor and Registered Corporate Coach. He currently resides in Rochester, NY, with his wife Lindsay. Outside of his professional life, Bill enjoys exploring new destinations, hiking, reading, and playing golf. His enthusiasm for travel and adventure complements his commitment to business growth, offering a well-rounded perspective on both work and life. 

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