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Gary Sinderbrand

Managing Director, Consultant

After earning a BA in Environmental Biology with a specialization in Abnormal Animal Behavior, a skill that proved unexpectedly beneficial in my career, I embarked on an unconventional journey into the world of finance. At 24, I joined Merrill Lynch as an Account Executive, a position I secured without any prior sales experience. This marked the beginning of what would become a transformative 30+ year career as a Financial Advisor (FA).

My early days in the industry were marked by a significant learning curve, but my innate problem-solving abilities quickly came to the fore. I realized that success lay not in selling what was easiest, but in understanding and providing what clients truly needed. This approach catapulted me to become one of the youngest $1m+ producers in Merrill Lynch’s history, a feat I achieved by consistently prioritizing client needs over sales figures.

Throughout my tenure, I have been an MDP+ Producer from my 6th year of Length of Service (LOS) onwards. My passion for teaching and sharing knowledge led me to educate over 12,000 Financial Advisors through various programs. Notably, I am the co-founder of the Payne Sinderbrand Program, the longest-running peer-based training program in Merrill Lynch’s history.

Beyond the financial realm, my interests are diverse and deeply personal. I am a PSIA Certified Ski Instructor, a role that echoes my sentiment, "What can I say? I love to teach!" I also love to learn and find that seeking better questions and constantly challenging my own “comfort zone” allows me to approach each day and embrace the power of possibility.  At heart, I am a dog lover and a life-long iconoclast, always seeking to challenge conventional wisdom and forge my own path.

My most cherished memories from decades in production are not tied to client performance or financial gains, but to the knowledge that I have significantly improved my clients' financial lives. My primary goal has always been to enrich the lives of those I encounter, turning prospects into clients, and clients into friends. This desire to make a broader positive impact led me to mentor other Advisors, aiming to instill in them the same client-focused ethos.


Having worked with over 12,000 FAs, I am proud to say that my influence has extended far beyond my direct client base, contributing positively to countless financial journeys. As I continue on this path, my mission remains steadfast: to make the world a better place, one client, one advisor, one friend at a time.

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